The Best Street Art in the Caribbean

 “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Have you ever been to a country and felt like you were in a living postcard or a lovely museum? I’m sure you have. The streets of Curacao look exactly like that- a real-life art exhibition where the walls of the buildings were used as a canvas.

 The street art is completely breathtaking.

Every turn you take a new awe-inspiring mural greets you on the way. The artists do not only show you the fascinating story of the country, but they also do a fantastic job in showing you the superficial layers of its subculture, the pains, struggles, highs, and lows. Subjective and yet insightful. This is Curacao.

On this outing, we focused our sights on Punda-the heartbeat of the island. Punda is historic, colorful, and usually the first place people want to visit. Also, this is the place where all the massive cruise ships dock.


The Art Alley is so vibrant and colorful; it’s like you were dropped in an instant party. Punda and its surrounding area do not boast your average wall murals.

They feature colorful sculpture type of art from elements of the island such as flowers, the infamous iguanas, the family unity, the strong political statements, all done so astonishingly beautiful.

Skalo, another area (see insta post on July 20th) is just on another level. This area was plagued with sex and drugs once upon a time but had received a significant transformation. It’s a tiny but charming neighborhood, easy to explore because of its size.

One of the most popular areas is Pietermaai- mixed with lovely eateries, nightlife, and sublimed with the outstanding murals, tucked between restored homes, buildings and mansions, creating a stunning contrast which will leave you mesmerized.

Understanding the meaning behind each painting is a whole new level, the depth will provide such a fantastic insight, the history that was buried. The Murals are truly a postcard, a storybook, a great history lesson but this time fun.

I truly believe that art is one of the best representations of a country’s culture….

Until our next adventure Style Warriors, Walk Good (stay safe)


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