Stay in Your Lane!

        “Everyone has their own lane, maintain yours.. there’s less traffic and no speed limit.”


Thank you so much for joining me on my re-launch! It has been quite some time, and I am so excited to be back! I struggled so much with getting back on a blog because I kept being distracted and making excuses. I wanted to wait until everything was perfect.


 “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”

My pictures are not cool enough; how can you write an entire blog post about shoes. Who is interested in what I’m wearing, where I travel, or good heavens, what is my best facial cleanser!!!

This is just one handful of problems we all face at one point in our lives. We care too much about being perfect that we rarely get anything done. We become stagnant, move like sloths, or just give up.

Even though it has taken me (put last post date here) to get back, what you will see here is never going to be perfect; but imperfections can be stunningly beautiful. Please agree…LOL

This blog will be many things, but most of all? Honest, REAL. No promoting things that I do not believe in. No pretending that ‘I woke up like this’, no pretending I did not go through 500 photos to get four good ones. No pretending that I do not remember where I got this dress because I suddenly have convenient amnesia.

I will do my part in promoting small businesses, but I will only promote them if I truly believe in their product(s), not because they are my bestie or I want to be part of the ‘Circle.’

Cheering for the underdogs is my thing – in Jamaica, there is a saying that goes like this :”dem likkle but dem tallawah” meaning ‘they might be little but they are good and strong’ (please note that my patwa writing is always incorrect and my accent is even worse.) Just because someone has a small following or small business doesn’t mean they are not mighty. More to come on this….

This blog will always be more than clothing. I will be opinionated, I will call people out, I will be annoyed when humans remain silent to call out injustice, but I promise you I will try to make you smile, I will make you want to travel, I will make you want to live a BIG life, and I will make you more aware of sales you do not need(true story). I will try to do it in style.

Don’t be afraid to challenge me in the comments; tell me what you want to see more of, less of. I will not listen but tell me anyways (Joking!!).

See why I needed a blog or a podcast? I have a lot to say!! 

OH, Oh, remember I was talking about Small Business? My dress is from a fabulous designer located all The Way in Lagos, Nigeria. Excellent, Amazing Service, and so superbly affordable. Check them out on Instagram or their website Amarelis! I have some beautiful items from them and I love every single piece. (This is not an AD)

Dress: Amarelis

Red Shoes:

Green Shoes:


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Style Warriors, I appreciate each and every one of you for your support. Please share and remember that Jesus Loves You.


Travel. Colour. Affordable. Luxury.

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  • First of all, welcome back! Fantastic post. I am excited to see more! I must admit I chuckled a lot while reading. And I see you serving LEWKSSS!! Come on now, you know I love to see it! Talk soon beautiful! <3

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