Michelle Esteban

I am a Mother. Wife. Sister. Friend. Jamaican born, living in Canada and parts of the Caribbean (currently Curacao) and married to a Spanish born (Madrid) work obsessed hotelier.

Silliness is in my DNA, I love to burst out in song and hysterical laughter at the drop of a hat. I love all music, yes even country but play a reggae beat and I’m happy. I think I am an amazing dancer but don’t ask our kids.

I own a Luxury International Event Planning company – The Occasion that takes me all over the world. My husbands job also moves us to different Caribbean destinations worldwide. So between both of our careers, I am exposed to amazing lifestyle experiences.

Dressing up gives me crazy energy, it really is a mood changer. I also feel that no matter the day you are having, self representation is very powerful

Through my work, I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world and attend some of the most high-profile fashion shows. This enabled me to gain perspective on what personal style looked like in other countries. It is also what now sets me apart in creating sophisticated styles with a touch of urban, modern edge – and provides me with access to one-of-a-kind pieces.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope we will become best virtual buddies


“Style came naturally to me. When designers determined the next season’s newest trend, I already owned the pieces in my closet. I never concerned myself with which new style to follow. Instead, I bought classic pieces and let my own personal style be my guide.”